Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are two similar brain conditions that are affecting increasing numbers of people. Understanding the cause of these allows researchers to find more effective treatment options.

Modern brain imaging and advanced screening tools have found that there is decreased neuron activity in the prefrontal cortex, specific to dopamine and noradrenaline. There appears to also be a link with the brainís ability to transport and use dopamine.

While the causation isnít clear, there is a correlation with Massage Therapy helping those with ADD and ADHD. Some studies have reported an increase in dopamine after receiving Massage Therapy, while others have reported that after an MT session there was an improvement in the mood and behaviour of adolescences with ADD/ADHD.

While Massage Therapy cannot cure ADD or ADHD, it can help with the management of symptoms. There are several situations, ADD/ADHD being one of them, where the primary symptoms are based in the brain, however these primary synptoms can secondary symptoms which are usually physical. For example, a restless mind might prevent adequate sleep, which results in a generally sore body. Utilizing MT to help ease the body soreness can help improve sleep, which can help the individual cope.

There doesnít seem to be anything in the research for treatment dosing, so the best thing to do is book an appointment and have a conversation with your RMT about options. Some people might find that a 30 minute session is enough, while others might prefer longer. You wonít know whats best for you until you try a few things to see what you like.

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