Massage can have a beneficial effect on many different conditions and help resolve several issues that a person might have. Many people begin to see a Massage Therapist for one reason and the continue on for a different reason. Most of the reasons that people would seek help from a Massage Therapist can be classified as Therapeutic or Prophylactic.


This category is generally for new or actute conditions. These are things that you would want to recover from, such as injuries, surgeries, or the sudden onset of muscle pains, headaches, etc. The goals here are to 'get back to normal', or in the case of a workplace injury, to get back to work.


Prophylaxis in medicine means to prevent an illness, or to deter it's progression. Getting vaccinated for a disease like the Flu is an example of prevention, and taking a medication to control high blood pressure is an example of deterrence. Massage therapy is a popular option for the management of chronic or ongoing issues, mitigating the use of medications.

Massage Therapy is sometimes used to prevent a negative health outcome, or to reduce the progression of of a condition.

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