Repetitive Strain / Overuse Injury

A repetitive strain inury (RSI) or an overuse injury is one that is caused generally through movements or positions that one uses often, perhaps too much, and the related tissues are now irritated or out of balance.

An example of irritation is neck pain for sitting at a computer for too long or from driving long distances, especially if one is using a chair that doesn't suit them or slouches excessively. In this scenario, the weight of the head is amplified due to the positioning, resulting in the neck muscles working much harder than they need to. This can result in headaches and painful symptoms in the arms and neck.

Driving and typing are two examples where the hands are generally turned palm down, and the gripping or closing muscles are used almost exclusively. This results in the grip muscles strengthening a little, and the opening hand muscles weaken. The resulting imbalance of muscle strength can tighten and narrow then carpal tunnel giving tingling in the hands, and it can also alter the positioning of the wrist bones and the head of the radius which both can cause pain and weakness.