Massage Therapy for the Caregiver

Most of what we hear regarding Massage Therapy (MT) and certain groups of patients, different cancers and palliative for example, are regarding the application of MT to the person affected. While itís true that being the person whom is carrying the illness is stressful and draining, it is unfair to not consider the caregivers.

The stress and strain put on the caregivers can have a negative effect on their ability to provide the moral and physical support that they strive to. This is ultimately a disservice to the one who needs it the most. So, who takes care of the caregiver?

It is well known that MT can help people from many different walks of life and who are in different stages of health. One of the top things people report after a good massage is that they feel less stressed and able to sleep a little bit better.

If youíre helping to take care of someone who is suffering, remember to take care of yourself so you can be your best for them.