Even after many years of research, there is still a lot of questions regarding how to treat Fibromyalgia. Here are a few things that we do know:

  1. It seems to be coming from inflammation that isn't quite in the muscle itself, but in the fascia that surrounds muscle and other tissues.
  2. The brain attempts to adapt to the constant pain by processing the sensation differently, which is why the usual medication doesn't help.
  3. Having no reprieve from the soreness, Fibromyalgia ultimately affects sleep, memory, alertness, and one's general Quality of Life.

Dealing with fascia, the daily pain, and improving Quality of Life are things that Massage Therapy can help with. Ultimately, the goal for treatment is to help sufferers deal with the stress and lack of sleep, so they can stay working and maintain their lifestyle.

The generic ideal treatment plan is: 1-2 sessions per week for 5 weeks. Current research suggests that 5 weeks is a minimum time to reach the most reduction in pain, anxiety, and depression. It is common for patients to see an increase in their tolerance to pressure, and that they can eventually go longer between sessions.

It is generally recommended for individuals whom have not received Massage Therapy before, to begin with 30 minute sessions with light pressure.