Pain Management

There are many types of ongoing and/or recurring pain that we all deal with at different times. Massage Therapy can be an effective tool for those of us experiencing various pains.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

This is the muscle pain felt 24-48 hours after activity, such as a workout, snow shoveling, athletic competitions, etc. While there is little research into the cause of this pain (odd how it's delayed and predictable), there does seem to be consistent results regarding muscle pain after receiving a Massage. Both of these two studies, one that looked at the elbow and the other on the hamstring, found that sufferers perceived less pain post massage. It's important to note that neither study reported a change in functioning.

Nerve Pain

One of the many sources of nerve pain is called Entrapment. It occurs when a nerve is essentially squished or stretched in ways it's not designed to be. If this is related to a muscle function, then Massage Therapy can help to resolve or alleviate the symptoms.