Recovery from Fractures

There are two separate phases to recovery from any type of fracture:
  1. Allow the bones to heal
  2. Return to normal functioning.

During the healing stage, there is always some type of compensatory adaptations. If the fracture is on a limb, then it is common for the other side of the body to do double duty. Whether it be from walking with a limp, trying to to everything with the other hand, or even sleeping in an unfamiliar position, life while healing is difficult. To make it worse, often the site of the fracture is painful as it heals.

Massage Therapy can help ease the pain from using crutches or canes, muscle fatigue from the other side doing double duty, and assist in getting much needed sleep. Depending on where the fracture is and how bad it is, Massage Therapy can be indicated for various session lengths and from anywhere from once per few weeks to more than once in a week.

After the fracture has healed, it is common to deal with weakened muscles, reduced motor control, reduced range of motion, and the frustration of trying to learn how to do things normally again. Regaining movement and strength can be difficult and painful, but Massage Therapy can be an effective method to helping one recover and get back to normal. The timing and session length during this phase might not change from the healing phase, but the focus of the session does. The session will generally focus on different areas, and use different techniques that are appropriate to the stage of recovery.